Physiotherapy in Calgary & Associated Costs

Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat musculoskeletal pain. Physiotherapy is covered by almost all extended health care benefit plans. It is also covered by Motor vehicle accident companies if you have been in a collision, as well as WCB if you have been in a work related accident.

Physiotherapy can be costly. Typically at your first visit the physiotherapist will take your full patient history including medications, family health issues as well as personal health issues before applying the first treatment.This first visit usually take at least 2x the amount of time of a typical visit and as such costs more than a followup visit. They call this first visit the assessment visit and the associated fee the assessment fee. You can expect this fee to be anywhere from 1.5-2x the price of the followup visit.

People who have been in motor vehicle accident regardless they are at fault or not are entitled to 21 treatment visits to help them recuperate and heal form there injuries. The patient needs to be assessed by either a physiotherapist, chiropractor or chiropractor in order to qualify. All of these visits are directly billed back to your insurance company, so you do not need to worry about paying our of pocket.

WCB works the same way as a person who has been in a motor vehicle accident. The difference is, a physician gives the physiotherapist the list of exercises and treatment program that the physiotherapist must follow in order to treat the patient. This is also direct billed right back to WCB and you do not need to pay of of pocket. Both physiotherapy and chiropractic are both covered by WCB, massage therapy is not.

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